December 1, 2011

Christmas is sneaking up and we have been very busy working and preparing the shop. Today we spend some great and much needed family time in the tivoli gardens.

13 Responses to “Tivoli”

  1. Mejse Says:

    Åh, hvor er det fint :)

  2. Ellen Says:

    That looks like a wonderful day! :)

  3. niki Says:

    The third photo is like a fairy-tale, beautiful :):):)

  4. Jenny Says:

    Wow that is beautiful!

  5. Sigga Says:

    Hvor ser det hyggeligt ud

  6. Ninette Says:

    Hvor er det fint!

  7. Maja Says:

    it looks great + fun! And what is funny is that we have a big park in Ljubljana (our capital) that`s called Tivoli! :)

  8. Lau Says:

    It Seems is a magical place

  9. Marhya Says:

    ¡Oh, it´s magical and charming, is like stepping into a fairytale tale.

  10. Marieke Says:

    I’ve been in Tivoli during summertime. This looks much better with all the lights :)

  11. Trixi Says:

    So beautiful! I’ll be in Copenhagen for the last weekend of the year.
    I hope Tivoli will still be open!

  12. brinja Says:

    Trixi: Hey how great! I don’t know when winter break sets in, but if tivoli is open when you are here you should go :) it’s expensive, but lovely.

  13. orisha Says:

    which nice place for christmas feeling*

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