What Tara wore this week

December 14, 2011

This is Tara from Brasil. She is 22 years old and about to move to Toronto. Don’t you just love that hair? You can find her blog here!

8 Responses to “What Tara wore this week”

  1. lina Says:

    aww tara! monday & friday are my favorites : )

  2. heodeza Says:

    Love the Friday look!

  3. Tamires/tara Says:

    Hi brinja!!!! thank you!!!!!!!
    <3 it is lovely!!! you are amazing!!!!!

  4. maria Says:

    Tara rocks!!!

  5. bba Says:

    Great stiling, my favourite is all days.

  6. Jane Says:

    You haven’t posted “What I wore this week” in so long! I love it! (I should submit my own one of these days..)

  7. brinja Says:

    Jane: Yeah its been a while hasn’t it. I would love to post some pictures of you soon. Just send them along :)

  8. lins Says:

    I LOVE her shoes!!! My favorite outfit is definitely Tuesday! Would love to see more WIWTW!

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