Happy 2012

January 1, 2012

Vacation=WAY to short! We are back home.

I have tons of work the following days. Better get some sleep.

Sorry about neglecting your comments lately. I look forward to attend to them soon.

7 Responses to “Happy 2012”

  1. nico Says:

    what fun for kids wadding through the water :o),happy new year for you and your family

  2. Emily Says:

    Happy new year to you!

  3. daisy Says:

    Ou, how great green salad! And in this time of the year ! Super!

  4. dancingbeastie Says:

    Happy New Year to you and your lovely family! Thank you for sharing snapshots of your life with us. Your daughter continues to be a darling!

  5. Sigga Says:

    Vild med nytår!

  6. Nina Says:

    Happy New Year! Looks like you had a damp and grey start to 2012 in Denmark, like we did here in the UK. Great cabbages!

  7. birgit Says:

    Happy new year and thanks for your blog! I love the house!

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