January 6, 2012

I hope that you will all have a great weekend. Most of mine will be spend in the shop getting ready for the big sale on Monday.

We came home a few days ago to find a broken pipe in our kitchen and a very very very wet apartment. Warm water had been flooding out for several hours….  if things were a bit chaotic before they are seriously chaotic now.

5 Responses to “Chaos”

  1. Hope you get som decent food and not too much junkfood for the next couple of days;-)

  2. lins Says:

    Oh no what a shock! I hope it gets fixed good as new soon! <3

  3. Annette Coudron Says:

    Dear Brinja, I am living in Holland and came up to your blog bij ‘Visje bij de Thee’. I really love it! We came to Denmark many times (next time I come to Kopenhagen I will visit your shop!) and do like the atmosphere over there.
    I have one (bit of the topic!) question. Since long time I want a wooden pine floor finished on the scandinavian way! Like you have in your house. But I did not manage to find out how to do it – nor on internet nor in shops. Can you help me? When the pine floor is blank you should soap it? No oil, no wax? Special soap – do you have a name of it? And should you do anything else? I would be glad I you can help me!

    Thank you!
    Many regards,

  4. riot yarn Says:

    That knitted sweater is adorable. I just found your blog and I really like the light and colours in your pictures.

  5. brinja Says:

    Annette Coudron: Hi Anette, thanks for your comment. I found this link for you, hope it’s useful:
    Have a great weekend and all the best

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