In the shop

January 16, 2012

5 Responses to “In the shop”

  1. Ashlee Says:

    Oh wish I could visit your shop – it’s lovely!

    Love visiting your blog :)

  2. rachael Says:

    “u will be happy more” — i like it!

  3. Katja Parazajda Says:

    Hello! I have a question, that is not conected to the themes, you are presenting in your blog, but since you are a young mother, I know you will be able to answer. So, could you tell me, if doctors in your country recomend giving babies vitamine D? Is there any difference, if a baby is breastfeed or bottlefeed? Our doctor prescribes vitamine D to all babies as prevention against rickets. I am not inclined to give it to my baby, because it contains a lot of aditives. We spend lots of time outside and I think she gets enough vitemine D this way. I would be interested also if some readers from other countries would eksplain, what is the practice in their countries. Thank you for your answer(s)! Katja.

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