What makes the whole difference

January 18, 2012

The big sale in my shop is working out splendid! I am so very happy and thankful to all of you sweet people stopping by and supporting my little business; it matters a lot and makes the whole difference. Thank you!  Also I shall once again thank you for all your sweet comments here on my blog!

Every morning I can refill empty hangers and empty my stockroom a little bit more day by day. It feels great to get things tidied up in there. The thing is I need to make room for all the exiting new spring  goods coming up soon.

Still have tons of great stuff on sale and it’s really not to late to stop by.

Have a great day all. b

5 Responses to “What makes the whole difference”

  1. Oh if I only could stop by, if your boutique only were next door :) I would love to visit again.

  2. Hey Brinja.
    I havent been in your shop recently, but I hope I have sent some people to you by promoting you and your lovely shop. :-)

  3. Lisa P. Says:

    Wish I could fly to Denmark and go shopping in your shop! It looks so lovely and inviting. I hope your sale goes well.

  4. Anya Says:

    Looks awesome – think I need to come and have a look soon again,
    Have a great day :)

  5. floencuisine Says:

    nice for you

    But I’ve a question : why are there so few items for sale online I can not come into your shop I live in Versailles (France)

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