Knit sweater

January 24, 2012

This knit sweater is one of my favourites. I liked it so much back when I ordered winter clothing, that I bought way to many of them. Now it’s on sale in my shop.

9 Responses to “Knit sweater”

  1. Mariana Says:

    It is a beautiful sweater.

  2. Details Says:

    It’s beautiful and looks very cozy.

  3. rachael Says:

    love the necklaces!

  4. Anna Says:

    yes, true is so beautiful!!i like your stylish!

  5. Sigga Says:

    Såå fin, hva koster den?

  6. Beautyful knit sweater. What sizes? Is it big enough for me, who want it not to show my “figure”?

  7. petrushka Says:

    what about selling them on-line? ;)

  8. Mirva Says:

    I’d like one just like that, too! Too bad I can’t come to your shop, it’s too far away… How about selling them online?

  9. brinja Says:

    Mirva + petushka: Yeah, that is too bad :). The sweater is almost sold out now, so it’s not worth the work and effort for me putting them online.

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