Anders and I

January 28, 2012

Anders and I have spend all of our weekend so far painting and renovating the shop. Vilja is at her grandparents and we are practically living here (except sleeping). All of our meals has been like a picnic on the floor.

7 Responses to “Anders and I”

  1. Krisha Says:

    Sounds like a busy weekend. I wanted to ask if you use flash or just natural light for your indoor photography? Also love your painting outfit in your previous post!
    Have a great week.

  2. ohhhappy Says:

    Det ser rigtig hyggeligt ud (specielt rødvinen ;)…), men jeg kan forestille mig, at det er hårdt arbejde…

  3. Mariana Says:

    Actually, it sounds really nice! :)

  4. Maria-Louisa Says:

    Det ser hyggeligt ud…med brød, lys og rødvinen.

  5. Justine Rebecca Says:

    excited to see pictures of the shop renovations!

  6. Love a floor picnic…I bet the shop looks fabulous!!!

  7. Sigga Says:

    Ser hyggeligt ud

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