April 6, 2012

There is a mass production of food going on in our kitchen. Anders is on vacation from his school (he is a teacher) and when he is not helping out in the shop, he  spends time in the kitchen preparing all kinds of yummy treats.

8 Responses to “Cooking”

  1. Katrine Says:

    Er han hjemkundskabslærer? :)

  2. enmilbatallas Says:

    Love cooking!

  3. ne Says:

    Velkommen til brinjas madblog :)

  4. Marieke Says:

    You’ve got the ideal husband ;)

  5. brinja Says:

    Katrine: Han har undevist i det, men det er hverken hans linjefag eller en fast del af skemaet :) Ellers oplagt!

  6. Gracia Says:

    Yummy treats, I’ve little doubt of that. I am rendered peckish at sight alone.

  7. It’s great to have fun in the kitchen all together =)

  8. lins Says:

    Great photos, Brinja! Especially like the second one (rolling dough.) Too bad we can’t smell the bread baking, though. Happy Easter from the USA <3 <3 <3

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