Home workplace

May 12, 2012

Anders and I have been thinking and talking a whole lot about how to arrange our worklife/homelife lately… We have had to give up the workshop because of  water damage problems… all my materials and our office have been wrapped up in boxes for what feels like eternity now.

Not being able to find the perfect new place, we decided to move the workplace into our home.

2 Responses to “Home workplace”

  1. Lisa P. Says:

    Sorry to hear about your studio! That’s really hard. I hope you find a good, workable solution.

  2. SpoedieZ Says:

    Ah, so sad to hear. But the workspace in your home looks great!
    I’ve posted something about your shop and home on my blog today. I like it so much. Hope you don’t mind. Of course I linked it to your blog.
    Good luck with everything!

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