Pizza party

May 25, 2012

Last nights pizza party and a quick peek at my new desk.

My screensaver is found here!

Ps: Thanks so much for all your sweet words about my dress design. I was a bit nervous about posting it. But your comments made me very happy:) thank you!

8 Responses to “Pizza party”

  1. Barbara Says:

    haha look how kids are happy, they are adorable :)

  2. whitney Says:

    pizza party, how fun! we have that screensaver too, never an excuse to not know the time. :)

  3. pizza is the best! the babies look like they are thoroughly enjoying! (love your dress photos too.)


  4. noelani Says:

    This totally makes me want a big slice of pizza :b

  5. Mette Says:

    Det ser super hyggeligt ud – er det Leo´s på Vesterbrogade? -de ser i hvert fald ligeså lækre ud, som deres pizzaer :)

  6. Vesna Says:

    This picture of Vilja and April reminds me of my childhood. My cousin had the exactly same chair and we sat in it exactly like Vilja and April on all family gatherings :)

  7. greenbeenfood Says:

    Great pizza party images…! And I love the faces on those two cheekies…

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