June 12, 2012

I am so happy my new webshop is already working. The first few orders popped in today and while I was wrapping them up in the shop my sister dropped by. She took the picture and said: Blog about this!

To tell you the truth, I have felt a bit of a distance to my blog lately. You might have noticed?

All of a sudden I think stage-fright got me… You are so many readers now…. which when I think too much about it, makes me way to self-critical and insecure….

But I really like bogging and I like you guys! So all that self-criticism have to go. I will do my very best to put it aside and I will ‘be back’

15 Responses to “Stage-fright”

  1. Molly Says:

    Fine Brinja!
    Din blog er helt vidunderlig og jeg kan lide den, præcis som den er. Fortsæt det gode arbejde ;)

  2. Lisa P. Says:

    Thanks for sharing how you feel. It’s good to see the “real you” even in your struggles. We all like you for who you are. Be yourself–that’s what’s gotten you this far! :)

  3. nunicole Says:

    Hi Brinja,
    I’m sorry about the stage fright. I think it’s quite understandable that a huge amount of readers makes you nervous. But don’t forget we come here because we love you’re blog so much. Hopefully that doesnt make you feel worse ;-) I check your site very often and I’m always happy to see new posts. They (you) never disappoint me. Your blog is like a little holiday in the day, it inspires me, lifts me up and makes me want to dress more creatively. It may sound weird but sometimes when I’m a bit bored or low, I visit your blog and things look better, brighter :-) That’s what your enthusiam, creativity and love for life does to people! Just be you, I’ll like what you blog anyway.

  4. Alenka Says:


  5. Svenja Says:

    Don’t worry, dear Brinja! You are great!

  6. Brinja-
    Just keep doing what you are doing. It’s a pleasure to check in with you everyday and see what you’re up to! Teri

  7. Simone Says:

    You have such an inspiring place here, every time I look at your pictures I’m happier than bevore! Thank you!

  8. Sonia Otero Says:

    Tu nueva tienda online tiene un estilo muy personal y bello, felicidades!!

  9. Mathilde Says:

    Jeg har faktisk savnet dig lidt her på bloggen, men sådanne perioder har vi alle. Jeg elsker også dit farverige univers, så ingen præstationsangst der!

  10. Sigga Says:

    Vild med din blog!!!

  11. Helle D Says:

    Bare vær dig selv – det er det vi kan li’!

  12. Some self-critisisme isn’t bad at all, but it shouldn’t make you insecure, there’s absolutely no reason for that! I love your blog, please keep doing what you’re doing!

  13. Heather Says:

    Oh, please don’t stop! Your blog post in my mailbox makes my day. It’s like a little trip to Copenhagen and Denmark. Your family, home, shop, style are perfect!!

  14. LinS Says:

    Wow, what everyone else said! I’ve been quite down lately, and suddenly I realized I wasn’t up on the happenings in Brinja-land. I’ve looked at–um–thousands of blogs? This is the only one that has been on favorites since day one. No pressure. ;) (Really, we love you no matter what!)

  15. Mæja Says:

    Hello from Iceland, found your blog not long ago and love it ;)

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