Farewell neighbour

June 21, 2012

My next door neighbour (in the shop) a lovely old fashioned bookstore, had a farewell party today. It is closing down after 70years in business!

My shop used to be part of that bookstore but it was divided into two shops a few years before I opened my business 7 yeas ago. Some of the  old furnitures from the bookstore have moved into my shop today. This beautiful desk have been displaying fancy pens for a long long time, now I look forward to give it a new home.

I will sure miss my good old neighbour though.

5 Responses to “Farewell neighbour”

  1. niki Says:

    What a beautiful piece of furniture, Lucky Brinja!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ida Says:

    Smuk gammel disk, den ser ud som om den trives godt bag de andre ting.

  3. expatmummyinberlin Says:

    That is sad. I visited the book shop last time I was in CPH and I came into your shop. The lady in there was really friendly and helpful and I bought a great book.

  4. […] opening day at my neighbour (the old book store) today. I sneaked in for a goodbye and a photo-shoot. Got a bit nostalgic there. The end of a 70year […]

  5. […] am giving the new desk, from the old book store, new shelf paper. Share this:ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestEmailLike […]

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