Rain rain rain

June 29, 2012

GOSH it’s a rainy day today!

I bring my computer with me to the shop almost every day but usually don’t have time to turn it on.

…I like rain!

5 Responses to “Rain rain rain”

  1. Krisha Says:

    Yes I agree – sometimes you just gotta embrace the blessing of a rainy day!

  2. Even rain has it’s upsides! :)

  3. Nhi Says:

    Hi Brinja, what’s the name of the clock widget/app you have on your Mac?

  4. brinja Says:

    Nhi: Hi, You can find the screensaver here: http://9031.com/goodies/. I don’t use mac but the screen works both ways :)
    Have a great day. B

  5. Nhi Says:

    Wonderful, thank you!

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