At the harbour

July 7, 2012

A picnic with friends and family at the harbour outside my shop.

4 Responses to “At the harbour”

  1. Charlie Says:

    Hvor ser det skønt ud! Dansk sommer når den er bedst :-)

  2. mirij Says:

    i love love your blog and everytime i see the bike i’d love to have one too!
    can you be so kind and tell me, which one it is?
    thanks a lot, mirij

  3. brinja Says:

    mirij: It’s a great bike! I love it. It is a ‘bakfiets cargo bike’. Have a great weekend. b

  4. Maja Says:

    It looks like you had fun! ;)
    love the bike <3

    p.s. such a pretty smile on the third photo, it`s the true one that came straight from the heart. :)

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