Vilja and cousin April

July 21, 2012

19 Responses to “Vilja and cousin April”

  1. Hannah Says:

    arww, how cute is this??? totally love the last two pictures… <3

  2. lina Says:

    this is really cute :D awwww.

  3. mimi Says:

    adorable! 2 best friends indeed (and cousin at that!) ^^

  4. heodeza Says:

    this set of photos is priceless!

  5. Ellen Says:

    Ah, adorable!

  6. Svanna Says:

    My heart melts :-)

  7. Daphne Says:

    Awww, this is just to sweet for words. Blessed be the little ones. :)

  8. Jo Says:

    Really cute!!!!

  9. Katinka Says:

    cute, indeed !!! like a flip-book ;-)

  10. gessica Says:

    they are so sweet !!!!

  11. They are so so so adorable these two!

  12. Svenja Says:

    That is so sweet! Did you snap the pictures by coincidence?

  13. Sigga Says:

    Vidunderligt!!!! Lykken er April og Vilja:-)

  14. Helle D Says:

    Hi hi – fantastisk billedserie!!

  15. Anna Emilia Says:

    So sweet lassies!

  16. Mariana Says:

    aww! so sweet!! :)

  17. I love the faces. so sweet! Teri

  18. Louise Says:

    Incredible that one tiny neighbour pea can make such a difference – love it!

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