Flea marked finds

August 23, 2012

I went to a flea marked last weekend while Anders, Vilja and I were on a short summerhouse getaway.

These old marked finds were so dusty, Vilja and I had to bring out a water hose.

9 Responses to “Flea marked finds”

  1. Mariana Says:

    Those tables are really pretty. And those owls and the bear … cute!! :)

  2. rachael Says:

    haha, best idea to use the hose! made me giggle.

  3. Katinka Says:

    how they shine now…. cool flea market stuff and a funny way to enjoy it.

  4. Baba Says:

    funny dog :-)

  5. Pjèr Says:

    Good find; ingenious high-low tables?

  6. mendruga Says:

    Lovely ceramic!

  7. Alexandra K Says:

    those are really great finds!! MY summer of flea markets was not that successful =)

  8. Sigga Says:

    smukt, smukt bord

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