August 31, 2012

Okay… wrap out a billion boxes. Tidy up the overloaded stockroom. Red lipstick on, and I’m off for a girls night out with my sister. Couldn’t wish for a better agenda.

Have a happy Friday all.

8 Responses to “1,2,3…”

  1. Maria Ana Says:

    You look adorable:) And your hair looks gorgeous with the curls!!
    Kiss and happy friday!

  2. You look gorgeous. Have a fun night out with the girls!

  3. lea Says:

    Det lyder skønt – ha’ en god aften og hils dine søde søster : )

  4. You look lovely, have great fun!

  5. Katinka Says:

    I wish I could work in your shop. I guess it is most exciting wrapping out new stuff !!
    Have a lot of fun tonight with your sister

  6. Mariana Says:


    Have a great time!!

  7. Krisha Says:

    Lovely – Hope you have a grand time!

  8. Marieke Says:

    Wow, I love your hair!

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