The detail of time

September 1, 2012

My sister and I went to a reception yesterday. An old friend of ours is the editor of a beautiful new magazine about the 50ties. By reading this you can learn about how to host the perfect party, style your hair or sew a dress  -everything the 50ties way, of course!

The reception was held at an old glove-shop in Copenhagen called ‘Randers Handsker’ and this event was ALL 50ties. Drinks, dresses, invitation and surroundings….  look at that amazing snack-display!!! (recipe in the magazine)

I would love for all of you to read this. But it’s in Danish so I guess that leaves out quite a bunch huh?…

It is available to buy here! and in a little while it will be available in my shop too.

7 Responses to “The detail of time”

  1. gggeeske Says:

    What a tasteful party! And your sisters dress looks very familiair!! Have a nice weekend

  2. Dona Says:

    Uh, hope that “in a little while” is very soon. I’m ready to get the magazine now :)

  3. Katinka Says:

    Oh wow…. what a wonderful idea. I love it to dive into another time with full panoply ! Especially the 50ies ! What a pity that this magazine will only be published in danish.

  4. Sigga Says:

    Tak for en dejlig dag. Lidt tendens til dobbelhage har man vel altid:-)

  5. Marieke Says:

    What a beautiful dresses! And you really look like your sister :)

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