September 7, 2012

1: Our hallway. Perfume bottles and old cans.

2: Vilja helping out in the workshop.

3: Bracelets, plastic watches and enamel signs in the shop.

7 Responses to “Pastel”

  1. Sigga Says:

    Smukke farver

  2. Marieke Says:

    My favourite colours :)

  3. Katinka Says:

    Couls you pls ask Vilja if she borrows me her skirt…. maybe for a longer time… ;-)
    Love that colours, especially green and blue !!
    Enjoy your weekend

  4. Love Vilja’s skirt;-)

  5. Gracia Says:

    Those plastic watches look very tempting… as do many of the details you post here.

  6. lins Says:

    Vilja is rocking the ballet look!

  7. Vilina Says:

    Oh my, I just love Vilja’s skirt. Is it the Dolly skirt from Le petit Tom?! Adorable <3

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