How to: miniature feather

September 18, 2012

You never know when you might need one?

Take any feather and cut of the excess. Then shape it up the way you want it with a scissor.

Ps: the tiny hat is made from leftover fabric and lace + a really good glue-gun. The ‘hat-foot’ ?  is made from 2 different sized buttons glued together and a screw upside down, +black paint.  On top of the screw is a round bead to shape the hat from the inside.

5 Responses to “How to: miniature feather”

  1. Sigga Says:

    Hihi en fjer i hatten, det ka man altid bruge:-)

  2. Lisa P. Says:

    Super cute! That hat stand is really creative!

  3. brinja Says:

    Lisa P: Ahhh, ‘hat stand’ of course :) thank you Lisa!

  4. lins Says:

    I love “hat-foot” which makes perfect sense, since one stands on a foot!

  5. alma Says:

    I love the hat stand and all the tiny details you make for your miniature shops.. I wish I could find the time!

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