A day

September 20, 2012

1: breakfast. Greek yoghurt with honey and oatmeal+coffee. 2: Vilja jumping puddles outside the shop. 3: Things in the shop: deco-paper, silver flowers for decoration, Japanese books and postcards. 4: Shop; Oilcloth, storage boxes, paper goods and so on. 5:Risotto with scrimps and mushrooms.

Happy Thursday everyone and thank you for ‘being there’ -b

4 Responses to “A day”

  1. brinja Says:

    Oh, and by the way: that is not a baby-belly there, just how I look :)

  2. Sonia Otero Says:

    Bonito día!!! Me encanta visitar tu blog puesto que me recuerda mucho los fantásticos días que pasé en Copenaghe. Buena semana!!!

  3. Katja Says:

    Honestly, Brinja, your tiny belly does not even remind of a baby belly!

  4. Yasmin Says:

    to start a day with greek yoghurt is always a good day :)

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