Linus Linus Linus

October 6, 2012

We have been at a party today, celebrating my beautiful nephew Linus name… unfortunately I forgot my camera and once again you guys are left with pictures from the shop.

Happy Saturday everyone. Hope all is good!

News in the shop…

September 23, 2012

1: I spend a great deal of last week making new  jewellery. Here’s ear-studs. 2: Paper goods, books and so on… 3: Pretty drawings in pretty frames. 4: Leather gloves in candy colours.

Hello Japan #2

September 14, 2012

Hello Japan

September 12, 2012

If only everything the postman brought me were as good as this!

A beautiful Japanese magazine with pictures from our home.

This is part one. More to come…

Random from the shop

September 10, 2012


September 7, 2012

1: Our hallway. Perfume bottles and old cans.

2: Vilja helping out in the workshop.

3: Bracelets, plastic watches and enamel signs in the shop.

It’s all good

September 3, 2012

Our home-workshop is coming together really well. So well, that I can rarely remember how things were before…  Still have some storage boxes to empty and a few other details to fix. But altogether; things in the new workshop is gooood!


August 31, 2012

Okay… wrap out a billion boxes. Tidy up the overloaded stockroom. Red lipstick on, and I’m off for a girls night out with my sister. Couldn’t wish for a better agenda.

Have a happy Friday all.


August 28, 2012

1: laundry.

2: Vilja playing with this jewellery box.

3: Miniature parts.

4: Miniature gallery in process.

Next generation

August 20, 2012

Vilja is quite the little store-manager! She sure knows her way around the place and she talks about it as her shop.

When she gets tired from all the hard work she makes herself a carpet-bed and takes a nap.

Ps: If you life in Denmark my sister has a great giveaway going on on her blog!

In the shop

August 7, 2012

Unwrapping exciting new stuff at the moment…


August 6, 2012

A little help?

July 16, 2012

A great thing about summer (although it doesn’t really fell like summer at the moment) is that I get to meet some of all you bloggers and readers out there.

Today Stéphanie from France stopped by the shop. last week I had Malene visiting and the week before that  Katja from Germany was here. I have had the honour of meeting many more of you, but I seem to have lost track along the way. So sorry! Please say hi again and leave me a note so I can refresh my memory. That would be great!

Home and away

July 15, 2012

Ahh, home again… Anders, Vilja, my brother, Lea and baby linus has been on vacation. We arrived home today. Vacation has been GOOD! Work starts tomorrow.

I have enjoyed every single minute of being away. But I can’t wait to get back to business! Pernille has worked hard all week to take care of the shop while I was gone. What a lucky lucky girl I am to have helper like her.

The latest addition to my mini home.

Looks like a burglary

July 10, 2012

Vilja had a party in the mini home. Looks as if there was a miniature burglary!

Bits and pieces

July 8, 2012

This type case was at sale in the shop until it accidentally fell down and broke. Now it has a new home, my workshop!

I’ll be at the shop from 12.00 today, if anyone feels like Sunday-sale-shopping.


July 2, 2012

Free fantasy-cake

June 26, 2012

I brought a little helper to work today. My beautiful niece April. She made free fantasy-cakes for all costumers!!!

Anders and I are counting days at the moment… very very soon Anders vacation begins and we have so many fun projects planned over summer. Most of them work-related but still; FUN FUN FUN!

Farewell neighbour

June 21, 2012

My next door neighbour (in the shop) a lovely old fashioned bookstore, had a farewell party today. It is closing down after 70years in business!

My shop used to be part of that bookstore but it was divided into two shops a few years before I opened my business 7 yeas ago. Some of the  old furnitures from the bookstore have moved into my shop today. This beautiful desk have been displaying fancy pens for a long long time, now I look forward to give it a new home.

I will sure miss my good old neighbour though.

On a Sunday

June 17, 2012

1: Coffee, cake, tv and books… Me-time on the couch.

2: Flowers flowers flowers. I can’t get enough of these flowers. They are usually everywhere in our home this time a year. What are they called in English..?

3: Nature expedition with April and Vilja (snail study, if you are wondering)

At home stuff…

June 15, 2012

1: The three of us in our new home-workplace.

2: Manchego cheese and rye bread.

3: Anders is growing a lemon-tree-garden in our bedroom (has been doing so for several yeas now)

4: Me doing small changes in Viljas little kitchen. New knobs and sticky paper surfaces.

5: Viljas kitchen.

In the shop

June 7, 2012

Well rested

June 2, 2012

I woke up (all confused) at 1.00 pm today… Haven’t slept that long since before Vilja was born. I am very much a b-person and having kids does not come along well with that.  Ohhhh how I just love to sleep….


May 31, 2012

1: A selfportrait my brother made when he was 6.

2: Vilja playing with beads.


May 15, 2012


May 14, 2012

Home workplace

May 12, 2012

Anders and I have been thinking and talking a whole lot about how to arrange our worklife/homelife lately… We have had to give up the workshop because of  water damage problems… all my materials and our office have been wrapped up in boxes for what feels like eternity now.

Not being able to find the perfect new place, we decided to move the workplace into our home.


April 26, 2012

Gosh I had dinner at a beautiful home yesterday…..  doll houses and all!

20 private wohnträume

April 16, 2012

On this very boring Monday, a German magazine arrived in the shop. It had Anders, Vilja and I in it.

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