The latest addition to my mini home.

Looks like a burglary

July 10, 2012

Vilja had a party in the mini home. Looks as if there was a miniature burglary!

This is a few bits and pieces from my latest miniature project… A shoebox, a cardboard/fabric/metal-coin lady and bird made of a paper ball and glue.

Miniature home

July 1, 2012

My miniature home has been ‘standing still’ for quite a while. Things have really changed around our home -you know… Vilja came around and changed a lot and then my workshop moved in too… The miniature home has been on a shelf for a long time now. But today I took it out and showed it to Vilja. She LOVED it :) and I’m glad she did. I’ve made something new ‘mini’ today. Look forward to show it to you soon.

Tiny theatre

June 24, 2012

I am constructing a tiny theatre for my shop. It contains informations about opening hours and a tiny version of some of the pictures from here.

Not the best photos I know, but If you’d like it I can post more detailed ones when I’m all done?


April 26, 2012

Gosh I had dinner at a beautiful home yesterday…..  doll houses and all!

One more

April 11, 2012

Not much time for internet today so I am just gonna leave you with this. Vilja and her grandparents went shopping in Berlin!

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