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What Suzanne wore this week

September 30, 2012

More about Suzanne and her work here!

What Vilja wore this week

September 21, 2012

What Debora wore this week

September 9, 2012

Click here to visit Debora blog!

What Geeske wore this week

September 2, 2012

Geeskes blog here!

What Anna wore this week

August 26, 2012

To see Annas blog, click here!

And to see previous fashion weeks go here!

You can visit Anne-Maries blog here!

What I wore this week

July 22, 2012

Yep! it’s a blast from the past! And here I am…  The ‘What-I-wore-this-week-post‘ is back on.


5 pictures, five outfit. Give me a note if you’re game.

Now: back to vacation.

ps: All my outfits are from the shop. Monday, tuesday and thursday ‘Brinja’ design.

What Tara wore this week

December 14, 2011

This is Tara from Brasil. She is 22 years old and about to move to Toronto. Don’t you just love that hair? You can find her blog here!

Remember Nicolai? -this is his girlfriend Sebrina. And this is their blog!

This is Nicolai! He lives in Copenhagen very close to were I live. Even tough Denmark is a small country and Copenhagen even smaller, we only know each other through the WWW. He runs a blog with his girlfriend called ´denormale´.

How  about a big ´thumbs up´ to the rare occasion of a guy in a fashion week!!!

This is Kia from Copenhagen. And this is her blog!

Thank you so much for all your travel tips, I look very much forward to a closer look at your comments soon.

This is a special post. Stephanie from Germany got married the very week she did this post for me! Thursday if you should have any doubts. She got married in the city hall of Copenhagen. I cut out her husband for the picture – it felt wrong, but I hope you forgive me.

I’m planning to do more “What I wore this week”-posts in the coming time. Let me know if you want to show 5 poses.

Olivia here is 9years old. She lives in a small town near Hannover, Germany.

Wednesday is ´sports day´ and the Monday hat and belt is handmade by her mum.

Don’t you just love these pictures?

What Henriette wore this week

February 26, 2011

Henriette is an architect from Denmark. Kawaii CPH is her blog. Go visit!!!

What Natalia wore this week

February 5, 2011

This is Natalia from Poland. Her blog is here: Polish swedish girl. Enjoy!

This is Natalia, I’m from Poland.

What I wore this week

January 29, 2011

Who’s up for next weeks fashion post?

What Haleigh wore this week

December 20, 2010

… actually this was what she wore several week ago. I haven’t had time to edit the pics until now.

Haleigh is from California but lives in Paris. Go visit her blog!

What Stine wore this week

November 23, 2010

Stine Pettersen is from Norway. She’s a photographer and a blogger.

What Natascha wore this week

November 15, 2010

This is Natascha from Copenhagen. I know her because she pops by my shop now and then…  she is also a blogger!

What Marilou wore this week

November 8, 2010

Marilou is from Amsterdam. This is her blog: marlou-praathuis.

This is Doremieke and this is her blog… click click.

Here she is, Ann-Sophie from Amsterdam and here’s her blog. Happy Monday all!

What Joanna wore this week

October 11, 2010

Ups…This post has just been corrected!

There´s been a tiny mix up because of all the lovley pictures I have received lately. At first I first thougtht this was Ann-Sophie from Amsterdam but then found out it wasn’t :) This pretty girl is sweet Aude’s friend Joanna, her blog is here. Sorry for the mix up!

Ps. You can look forward to Ann-Sophie’s fashion week next Monday.

Gessica lives in Amsterdam. She and a friend is starting a new blog during this week. Look here :Flessook.

What Darling L wore this week

September 27, 2010

Introducing Darling L from Madrid, Spain. And her blog: old words and vanilla tea.

We are celebrating things today. Vilja’s six months birthday, our wedding day (three years) and my dad’s 60 years birthday. All at once on a simple Monday.

Caterina is from Denmark like me. She is also a shop owner and a new mum like me. This was what she wore last week.

Go visit her blog for more info: Caterina.

This is Allison from Seattle. And this is Allisons blog: 24:00.

Presenting Jokemijn from  Antwerpen, Belgium.  Blog:

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