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April 4, 2012

Anders and I

January 28, 2012

Anders and I have spend all of our weekend so far painting and renovating the shop. Vilja is at her grandparents and we are practically living here (except sleeping). All of our meals has been like a picnic on the floor.

Happy Wednesday

September 28, 2011

Thank you for your sweet comments in my previous post (and in general)

Pancake breakfast

September 14, 2011

Sunday in the park

August 28, 2011

My brother, my sister, Vilja and I…uh, and cake.

The end is near…

July 31, 2011

Very soon vacation time for our little family will come to an end and the real world will take over. I’m looking forward to get back to work and to (also) show you some more work, shop and workshop related photos soon.

Herr Max

July 7, 2011

I have been to Hamburg before but it was even more great this time around. With all your ideas and tips to follow our three days visit was not nearly enough. Pictures from ‘Herr Max‘.


July 3, 2011

1:Breakfast with Anders at his first day of vacation. 2: Forest friends (diy paper fun) and dog pencil cases from the shop. 3: Home made pizza with rocket salad and chorizo. 4: At the playground with cousin April and aunt Sigga (April wearing jeans)

Yay yay yay…

June 30, 2011

Anders vacation has begun which means we can have long breakfasts together much more often -YAY!

Oh and the first day of sale has been a great success -again YAY!!!

By the way; any Hamburg or Harzen travel tips?

In the end…

June 15, 2011

I did a bunch of boring paperwork this morning and then Vilja and I went out for sun, coffee and fun.

A good day

April 24, 2011

…but I will be back before you know it. -So long!

Inside – outside

February 20, 2011

A nice omelet breakfast and a sunny walk in the freezing cold.  Happy Sunday.

Snowy Thursday

January 6, 2011

My plans for today was cancelled because of snow. I tried to ignore the weather and packed up the pram, Vilja and my self to go to the shop. Then I spend 3o minutes pushing the  pram out of our building area… and then I gave up.

Under normal circumstances the walk from home to my shop is about 35 min. But it would probably take me most of today to get there in this weather.

Now; piles and piles of paper work ahead. Have a great day all. B

Ps. The shop is still open! Stine who is at work today, lives just around the corner.

Coffee and cakes

February 1, 2010

Coffee and planning…

January 17, 2010

This is a great place; they serve breakfast, coffee and wifi all day long. And their ‘breakfast-menu’ are exactly the way I like it: toasted rye-bread, boiled eggs, cheese and fantastic coffee. Unfortunately it’s a long way from where I live, but when I have time enough, I’ll gladly bike through the city and drink my coffee here.


December 7, 2009

Winter mood…

November 5, 2009


It’s freeezing in Denmark… I went out the door this morning and instantly decided to go shopping for a warm winter jacket with room enough for a big belly.

All I really feel like these days are my warm bed, croissants and coffee.


August 30, 2009



August 3, 2009





I have only been on vacation for 6 days and already I have no idea what day or time it is… my blog routine is all messed up as well, internet access has been very limited for me so I’m sorry for my lack of answers to your comments.

I went from Berlin to Warsaw by train which is a seven hour journey. I shared the compartment with an American/Polish/Jewish klezmer musician from New York and a  self-proclaimed business man from Poznan, an odd collection of people that made the hours  fly by like a snap… the journey was a blast.

After running around Berlin for five days I’m trying to realax a bit and get some drawing done for fall collections -I have tons of ideas and my bags are packed with pens and paper but I have a hard time concentrating. Hopefully it will be better soon, maby it’s just the summer heat.

What’s for dinner?

June 20, 2009

Anders has been cooking like a crazy little tornado all week -I feel so spoiled…   Here are some of my delicious servings.

Our current obsession is apple juice with sparkling mineral water, it’s really good -not to sweet and very refreshing…

Ps. Notice the poster in our hallway on the first picture!








Tonight we are having fish…



This is not my everyday breakfast, but sometimes Anders makes me some french toasts in the weekends…

I have been cleaning up today, because I’m having the floors of the shop done over the Weekend and by Saturday afternoon I need to have everything removed from the shop, to my very very small stock-room/kitchen in the back.

Right now I can’t really imagine how I’ll manage to make everything fit in there, but I hope it will work out okay in the end…

Tomorrow I’m gonna do some “before pictures” of the floor and hopefully I’ll do the “after pictures” on Tuesday next week.

Oh, by the way Lina gave me this award yesterday and it is my very first time to recive an award -so I must admit I’m pretty damn proud! Thank you Lina.




These pictures are from a café at Bryggen (the area where my shop is) called “Nose Wise” -which, if you translate directly from the Danish word “næsvis”, means something like cheeky…  Did this make any sense at all?

Well, it’s a word play!

Anyway -the point is that they make excellent coffee and very yummy sandwiches. You can go here and read more! (in Danish -sorry)



Hair clip

November 17, 2008




Back on Tuesday…

October 24, 2008

I’ll be offline for the next cuple of days.

I’m gonna celebrate the weekend by going to the public library and then invite myself out for a good cup of coffe.

Here are some camping meals from our vacation last week.

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