September 27, 2012

Anders and I have been married for 5 years today. We have know each other for 10! Unfortunately we haven’t had time to celebrate. We’ll have to do that tomorrow.

18 Responses to “Anniversary”

  1. daisy Says:

    congratulations and good luck ! You are so nice people!

  2. Lisa P. Says:

    Congratulations! And many wishes for many more years together that get better and better.

  3. nadja Says:

    congratulations!!!! hurra! we celebrated our 5th as well, first of september. 5 years is good, very good. you have to celebrate tommorow.

  4. Ellen Says:

    Happy anniversary!

  5. Iris Vank Says:


  6. Studio Meez Says:

    Congratulations for the two of you!

  7. Sigga Says:

    Tillykkke!!! Hvor er i bare gode:-)

  8. Valentina Says:

    Wish you all the best and great celebration.

  9. evdokia t. Says:

    happy anniversary!
    & i wish you the best for the years to come!

  10. many congrats! that’s wonderful

  11. Katinka Says:

    Wish you only the best. Have a wonderful wedding day.

  12. Congratulations, I hope many happy years may follow!

  13. M.M. Says:

    Congratulations! I hope you have a lot of happy days togeter all you life!

  14. Marieke Says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy :)

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